A make-up demonstration

A make-up demonstration

Being a business that combines photography, mostly for weddings and portraits, along with make-up and hair styling, we’re often asked to teach other to do what we do – flattering or what?  By the way, ignore the question mark, that was a rhetorical question!

Anyway, back to the story.  I’ve taken to teaching and also mentoring people interested in getting the most out of whatever camera they’ve chosen to use.  Camera phone, compact camera, digital SLR, 5×4 plate you name it, I’ll teach it.  Likewise, Nikki is doing the same teaching folks about make-up applications and hair styling.  All good fun and as musicians would say, keeps us up to date with our ‘chops.’  Chops = skills.

So, to that end here’s a recent make-up evening Nikki held at Body & Sole Holistic Centre in Holmfirth run by Philippa Harrington.  I’ve photographed several events now for Philippa who, at one time, was a customer of ours but that relationship has now grown into another even better title…friend.  Philippa, Paul and their daughter Jenny are solid friends and we’re glad to know them and can call them friends.

I’m only going to post a few pics.  This particular style is a more subtle application more suited both to the models face and skin tone but also more subtle for the elegant chic look that many brides look for on their wedding day.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask and if you’d like to book us for your event – prom / wedding / snake charming(!), then use the link to our enquiry form found on the right-hand side of every page on our website.

Tatty-bye and see you soon.

Paul & Nikki




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