Abstract :: Huddersfield photography

Abstract :: Huddersfield photography

OK, I know this website and blog really should be reserved for wedding photography and portrait stuff but I just want to share other stuff we do.

Which brings me to this post and the image in it.  Nikki and I took a trip to Shrewsbury recently to see my Mother-in-Law or Doffers as we call her.  Taking a stroll along the river and camera in hand, I screwed my newly bought Tiffen variable ND filter to the lens and had a play.  The day was really bright and so trying to get movement in water, even in the shade, was going to be tough.

ND in place set to around stop 3 and this picture ensued.  Can’t remember the settings but bask in the colours, looks like an oil painting to me.

Click it, it gets bigger

Oil painting but not.

Fine art photography around Huddersfield









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