Equine, or horses to the uninitiated (like me).

Equine, or horses to the uninitiated (like me).

When I was young, perhaps 9,  I was backed into a corner by a horse hell bent on kicking several bells out of me.  Actually, it didn’t like my squeaky snot-green Raleigh bike.  Frankly I didn’t like the bike either and would have happily have kicked several bells out of it if I thought my Father would have replaced it.  He wouldn’t, so I didn’t.

Although that experience lives me even today as a 40 something chap, I have, for the longest time, been drawn to horses.  I adore their majesty, the air of elegance.  OK, some can be extremely skittish but largely I think the personality of the horse is a reflection of its owner or rider.  Be calm and they’ll be calm – written from the position of a guess!

Now, for a living I take photographs as you can see by the website.  Mostly it’s weddings but I also love taking photographs of people doing whatever it is they do.  I’ve now turned my eye to animals and where better than to start capturing the wonder and beauty of the horse.

Over time I will create another website full of imagery of horses.  In fact, my aspiration is to provide bespoke photographs for owners, stud farms and racehorse owners so that they can display proudly my art of their beloved horse.

Here’s a larger view of that photograph.

A farmers horse in a Yorkshire field

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