Llandudno Wedding Photography :: Heidi & David

Llandudno Wedding Photography :: Heidi & David

Heidi & Dave do Llandudno.

Photographing Heidi to David was superb but not without a little roller coaster along the way and for a change we were guests rather than the official wedding photographer who was Tony Fanning from North Wales.  Heidi is the cousin of my wife and initially we actually thought we weren’t going to make it, but a quick two step of the diary and we did.

The weather pinged from terrific sunshine and then you blink and the Welsh weather reminds you that you’re not really in control.  So heavy was the rain it seemed like everyone had their own large rain cloud just over head…drenched.  To save blushes, you know the wet really clinging shirt, none of those sodden images made it to this gallery.

Heidi & David, wishing you a happy and healthy life and marriage.

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