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Life on the Solent

Life on the Solent Some days life just seems too easy.  Easy on the brain, easy on the eye – those are the kind of days that makes living utterly wonderful.  No expectations, just relax, chill and enjoy. This past week I had, lucky boy, three days off two of which could be described as utter fun.  Pootled down to Lymington on the South coast, hurled myself onto a 40ft yacht and went sailing.  Even better, the Solent was calm, the crew knew what to do even though 90% of us hadn’t a clue since Dan and Q were our guardians that day and very experienced skippers. 8.30am and we leave the harbour and...

Yorkshire Wedding :: Mandy & Andrew

Yorkshire Wedding :: Mandy & Andrew Just one.  Just one image, well four actually but shown  in one frame; more of a teaser really with others to come.  

A make-up demonstration

A make-up demonstration Being a business that combines photography, mostly for weddings and portraits, along with make-up and hair styling, we’re often asked to teach other to do what we do – flattering or what?  By the way, ignore the question mark, that was a rhetorical question! Anyway, back to the story.  I’ve taken to teaching and also mentoring people interested in getting the most out of whatever camera they’ve chosen to use.  Camera phone, compact camera, digital SLR, 5×4 plate you name it, I’ll teach it.  Likewise, Nikki is doing the same teaching folks about make-up...

Rebecca’s before and after

Rebecca’s before and after A quote directly from Rebecca… ‘Those pics are amazing hun. Everyone said my hair & makeup was stunning. Thank you so so much 🙂 xxx’
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Sarah’s Yorkshire wedding

Thanks again Nikki

You made me look beautiful

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