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Down time :: no Wedding pics

Down time :: no Wedding pics Wedding photography, actually weddings in general, are days where we work hard, for sure, but it’s our own chicken soup for the soul.  Nikki and I know that when distilled, the work we produce for our couples will long be remembered.  It’s a brief history of time, a record, a documentary of a beautiful day between two people with those that they cherish most around them.  And we get to share in that joy. There are times though when I need to create something else, photographically speaking, that nurtures my soul.  I’m not overly religious nor am I especially spiritual,...

Yorkshire Wedding photographer :: Not today

Yorkshire Wedding photographer :: Not today Around our local community we happily get involved in lots of charity work (mate!).  From Kirkwood Hospice wearing mad foam suits, more on that in another post, to photographing fashion events for Charity Angels to fund-raising charity walks, Forget-Me-Not-Trust and Marie Curie to name just a few. In addition to this my wife, Nikki, is one of the local dog whisperers and fixes dogs with issues or more precisely, owners that have issues that the dogs copy.  And so meet West Yorkshire Dog Rescue based just outside of Huddersfield in England.  Like all rescues, they have more dogs than people...

Wedding in Huddersfield

Wedding in Huddersfield Weddings…planning for and meeting the couples is always such a treat. The phone rang… Layla introduced herself and from that moment Nikki and Layla got on like the proverbial house on fire. For gregarious people like us it’s fabulous when people who start out as clients become friends. It doesn’t always happen and that’s OK of course, but when clients turn into friends, well, what more could you want. We spend our lives surrounded by people we call friends and new-comers to our lives can find that a little clicky which we’re not into. And then the phone...

A follow up

A follow up In light of a recent post, the blog post before this one actually, we expressed the sense it makes to buy in professional help.  Buying in takes the pressure off big time and means that on your wedding day or special occasion, you’re not panicking to make sure your hair does as it’s told or that your make-up, through unsteady hand syndrome, doesn’t find its way half way up the nearest wall.  Multiply these feelings of anguish if it’s your wedding day. The image that accompanies this post is of Vicky, one of our stunningly gorgeous brides.  Even though she had...
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