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Before & Afters for weddings and all other things

Before & Afters for weddings and all other things Whether you’re getting married or not, if you have an important ‘do’ to attend and especially if you’re the main feature, then employing the services of hair, make-up and manicurists we’d say is uber important.  Yes, it’s an expense you may question but it’s also something akin to being pampered and one less thing to think about. Imagine it’s your wedding day and these stylists, the professionals appear as if by magic and take care of you.  Nothing is left to chance and everyone knows what needs doing and by when, you sit back and let the day...

Equine, or horses to the uninitiated (like me).

Equine, or horses to the uninitiated (like me). When I was young, perhaps 9,  I was backed into a corner by a horse hell bent on kicking several bells out of me.  Actually, it didn’t like my squeaky snot-green Raleigh bike.  Frankly I didn’t like the bike either and would have happily have kicked several bells out of it if I thought my Father would have replaced it.  He wouldn’t, so I didn’t. Although that experience lives me even today as a 40 something chap, I have, for the longest time, been drawn to horses.  I adore their majesty, the air of elegance.  OK, some can be extremely skittish but largely I think...

Sam & Shane Fleming

Sam & Shane Fleming What a superb day filled with people that, for a photographer, were so interesting making for some terrific photographs. Sam and Shane, both training to become accountants, couldn’t have been more lovely.  Without gushing to the point of making you feel nauseous, this day is how all wedding days should go.  Relaxed and chilled pretty much describes how the whole day went.  Even the changeable weather didn’t dampen spirits even though the smokers had to dive for cover as the rain came down. For those readers interested in the detail or no detail debate raging across the internet...

Wedding Flowers – some ideas

Wedding Flowers – some ideas Anything we can do to help make the planning of your wedding easier is fine by us.  This very brief post is in effect a quick link to some images of flowers that have been seen at some of our recent weddings.  It’s really to give you some ideas and if there’s a particular arrangement you like just get in touch and we’ll point you in the direction of the florist that created it. Here’s the link Cheerio for now. Pin...
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