Wood Hall Hotel nr Wetherby

Wood Hall Hotel nr Wetherby

Leading up to a wedding we always make a trip to the venue whether we’ve shot there before or not.  Alterations that you didn’t know about, changes of staff or finding out if there’s work planned in or around the wedding day always us to factor in any potential hazard.

Over the weekend we ventured up to Wood Hall Hotel near Wetherby in readiness for a wedding in April 2011.  We arrived much later than planned, close to 3.30pm and the light was fighting me hard and it was wet.  That kind of dirty wet you get during the winter months and I know these few images of Wood Hall aren’t representative of how the venue looks during Spring, Summer and Autumn.

The images aren’t here as a selling tool for Wood Hall but rather a visual reminder for me of some areas that, weather permitting, the couple and I can spend some time away from the guests to capture some tender just married moments that really make any wedding album, even more special.

As always at Wood Hall, we found all the staff very accommodating and friendly

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