Yorkshire Photography | Post Processing using NX2

Yorkshire Photography | Post Processing using NX2

I have a preference that over recent months seems in-line with some very notable photographers.  Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, Joe McNally and David Hobby have been sharing information about photography for many a year.  Only recently and by that I mean perhaps 12-18months, Zack, David and Joe have found supplementary incomes abound by actually charging for the knowledge crammed inside their heads.  I feel fortunate that I invested and I don’t used the invested word often, by attending the David Hobby workshop when he visited Leeds in 2010.

David set the bar high, an investment it sure was, great value for money given the financial meltdown over the last two years.  Nothing though can prepare you for the magnificence that is Chase Jarvis.  He, along with some industry leaders created CreativeLive.  Head on over and check out their 2011 itinerary.  Here’s the deal, catch any of the shows as they’re broadcast and you pay nothing…nada…zilch.  If you find the content profound and important to you the option to purchase that course afterwards is there.   I watch when I can and I haven’t been disappointed.

And so continuing my theme of giving freely, I’ve created another video that explains, in short steps, how I make corrections to a landscape photograph I took in Greece using the wonderful NX2 program.  In this short, well nearly 10 mins actually, I use the white balance tool, curves, the auto correction tool and sharpening.  In reality without all my jibber-jabber the corrections in total would take me less than 1 minute.

I hope you enjoy and feedback would be great.



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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Paul and thank you for your kind words.

    Answering your question, the beauty of RAW capture is that you can choose a Picture Control, like landscape, and leave it at that. Your post processing will be reduced since the picture control already has a tone curve built within it.

    To keep my processing time at bay though, I will generally alter the picture control based upon the subject I’m photographing. Landscape isn’t good for people but Portrait or Neutral is.

    Most of the time though I shoot ETTR using UniWB a subject to be discussed another day, but Google that term.

    Once again thank you.

  2. Paul,

    Thank you for both this video initiative, but also the reference to Creative Live. I am a great fan of Greece, NX2 and landscapes, so your initiative was just up my street.

    I use the Landscape mode in post processing, but not in camera (using a D300), I would be interested in knowing your experience of anticipating raw processing by in-camera adjustments at the point of capture. I tend to leave it all to post processing. What are your views on the most efficient approach?

    Thanks for your contribution.


  3. Charles Cowan says:

    Paul: Thank you so much for doing these videos. They are very inspiring!

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