Yorkshire prom season

Yorkshire prom season

It’s that time of the year…comes around so quickly it seems like only yesterday when the school prom season was upon us.

Time flies, sure does captain.

Each year we get a flurry of calls requesting hair and make-up to be done on daughters or from the daughters themselves, the calls usually come in two flavours…

Calm – “Are you mobile?  My daughter is having her school prom in XXX and we’d like you to come and do her make-up and hair for the evening please.  Are you available on xxx?”

Then there’s take 2…

Frantic or flat spin mode – “Aargh!  Prom’s on Friday and we forgot to book hair and make-up, can you help us?”

For Kelly, the girl in this photo, it was definitely Calm we heard when the call came through.

The photograph simply illustrates what can be achieved with a little care and attention.  Frankly there isn’t anything to correct from the start so no skin conditions that needed help and Kelly looks after her hair so no worries there.
Kelly, we hope you had a wonderul evening at the school prom.Yorkshire school prom before and after




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