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Whilst we never had any issues with our previous host, we decided to test the market to establish if another host could offer equal to or better than the service we had enjoyed for several years.  I took Dan Davies‘ lead and swapped to a host business based out of the US and already I have noticed that any questions raised by their ‘ticket’ system gets answered much, much quicker than I’ve ever seen before.

I create these tickets not because the service fails me but rather through our basic knowledge of all things internet based…I guess we could be classed as high maintenance clients through our inexperience not because we’re overly needy.

Most wonderful though is their pricing policies, their clear communication style, customer service is superb and friendly approach to their clients – this beds well with us here at Box of Frogs, it’s the same style we adopt when dealing with our clients.

Yes, they’re in the US but as long as all the above falls into place, they could sit on the moon for all we care.


Never underestimate the ability for technology to come along and kick you right where it hurts; and this usually happens at those critical moments.

You’ve taken THE most magnificent photograph, penned the last paragraph in a novel that’s taken years to complete or the Revenue people come knocking at your door to audit the last 6 years accounts.  Off to answer the door, make a cuppa, answer a call of nature and you come back to find you screen has gone a beautiful shade of blue or it’s restarting for some unknown reason.  You then discover that all your work has gone to the ether graveyard.  But wait!  I have an answer for you.

Like hunting for property it’s all about Location-Location-Location, well the same is true for all thing IT, Backup-Backup-Backup.

We’re photographers, image makers and stylists with a dread and loathing to throw anything away and as storage is so cheap our Backup workflow means that we have on-site (at home) duplicates of all our work on multiple hard-drives, DVD’s and over the last 5 years I’ve been utilising a service from Mediafire

Here’s a direct quote from their website…

‘How can MediaFire help you?

Mediafire is the simplest file hosting service built for businesses, professionals, musicians, artists, students or anyone in between.

Share your files through just one site without ever having to worry about disk space, hosting, or bandwidth again. MediaFire was specifically designed to be extremely simple to upload files and instantly manage and share them from any computer. ‘

From a users perspective we know that no matter what happens we have off-site storage that is free, unlimited in storage space albeit with the occasional advert being shown and protected from nosey people.  Further, if we wish we can share any file or files by directly emailing a link to those we want to share with.  As attractive, if we’re out of the country we can utilise any computer anywhere in the World and gain access to our files.

We back everything up now from letters, spreadsheets, access databases, photographs – anything all organised as we want them; client, family, friends etc etc.

We encourage everyone to have a backup strategy and would heartily recommend Mediafire for ease of use, storage capacity and cost.

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