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There is undoubtedly an enormous array of software on the internet that attempts to replicate software suites that can cost many thousands of £’s or $’s.  Some of these products we do use but we have discovered very viable alternatives without the need for the bank breaking fees that some software businesses charge.  It’s important to note that all these programs are free but more importantly, none are ‘stolen or pirated’ copies and the coming list of software is ‘in progress’.

As we uncover new, stable software, we will test them to distraction then and only then, will we list them here for you to see.

Disclaimer – downloading any software is entirely at your own risk and Box of Frogs nor any of our employees will be held responsible.  Installing software found from these pages are entirely at your own risk.


We have to start somewhere right?  So our first recommendation is a Microsoft Office alternative…


Open Office started out life as a very viable alternative to the hugely expensive Microsoft Office suite.

Originally created by Sun Microsystems now owned by Oracle, OpenOffice continues to be updated on a regular basis and for us here at Box of Frogs, has shown stability of the product at every release.  Clicking the above image will take you to the OpenOffice home page where you can read further about the suite and also download the application which is compatible with many operating systems

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