Christ Church, New Mill in Yorkshire

Later this year (2010), August to be precise, I have the pleasure of working at a Church close to where we live, that I have never photographed before.  So rather than simply ‘turn up on the day’, and given that New Mill is little more than 6 miles from my home, we decided to go take a look = a reccie if you like; very pleased I did…lovely Church.  Like most in desperate need of funds and if you feel inclined to make a donation click this link…Christ Church.

Here’s a little history cribbed from their website…

Christ Church was consecrated on 23rd September 1831.

The first stone of Christ Church, New Mill, was laid in 1829. Before that time the nearest church was at Holmfirth and New Mill was in the parish of Kirkburton. The vicar of Kirkburton, Rev. Benjamin Hutchinson, and Isaac Parker Newton, Esq., of Stagwood Hill, applied to the Commissioners of the Million Act*. The Commissioners agreed to build a church provided the inhabitants would subscribe something towards it. The subscription list was headed by the Earl of Dartmouth who gave £50.

The foundation stone was laid on Wednesday April 8th, 1829. A procession walked from New Mill to the site of the church, headed by a band of music, the Chief Constable and his Deputy, Clergymen, the Architect, Mr Peter Atkinson of York, Constables for the Graveship of Holme, another band of music, Gentlemen with white rods and the contractors. There were upwards of 12,000 persons present and a special gallery was erected for the ladies.

The following inscription on a brass plate was let into the top of the first hewn corner-stone on the north-east corner of the Church:-

‘The first Stone of Christ Church, in the township of Fulstone, in the Parish of Kirkburton, built under the direction of the Honourable the Board of His Majesty’s Commissioners for building New Churches, was laid by the Rev. B Hutchinson, Vicar, this 8th day of April, A.D. 1829, being the 10th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Fourth.’

P Atkinson, Architect.

Joel Mosley, Churchwarden.

What a wonder if must have been for the people of New Mill and Fulstone to watch their church being built. The church was completed in 1830, having cost £3,600. Although the church had been completed and opened in 1830 it was not consecrated till the following year. The ceremony was performed on the 23rd September, 1831 by the Archbishop of York, the Honourable and Most Reverend Edward Venables Vernon Harcourt. D.D. The fact that he had consecrated many churches about this time may have been the reason for the delay.

Christ Church became the focal point of many families in the New Mill area. The register of Baptisms dates from September 26th, 1830 when five children were received into the Church of Christ by the first Incumbent Rev. R.E. Leach.

Martha, daughter of Jonathan Fawley, Scholes, Clothier. Born May 17th 1829.

Ann, daughter of John & Eliza Field, Sude Hill, Clothier. Born June 23rd.1829.

Mary, daughter of Richard Jenkinson, New Mill, Mason. Born May 19th 1829.

Sarah, daughter of Israel Cartwright, New Mill, Clothier. Born March 17th 1829.

Ann, daughter of Daniel Whitehead, Jackson’s Bridge, Clothier. Born June 6th 1829.

*The Million Act was an act of Parliament passed on the 30th May, 1818, the sum of one million pounds was set apart by the Government for the purpose of building churches. The money was the surplus of a war indemnity paid to the Government by Austria after the battle of Waterloo.

And now for a few photographs – navigate the images by first clicking on one.  This reveals a larger image…to moved forward hover over the image with your cursor on the right side and click once, click on the left side of the opened image to reverse.

And for those interested, here’s a link to a few of the wedding I covered at Christ Church.

9 Responses to “Christ Church, New Mill in Yorkshire”

  1. Paul says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. A great Church, always enjoy spending time there and covering a wedding. Cheerio and thanks again.

  2. Lynne Postill says:

    I couldn’t believe it when reading your article about the New Mill Church…. to see my great grandma’s sister was the first to be baptized in the church!! And her father, Jonathan is my great, great grandfather – must go visit next time I am in the UK! Lynne Postill

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Louise

    Thanks for the comment…glad we could help. Beautiful Church at New Mill, I would highly recommend a visit.

    Cheerio and thanks once again.

    Paul & Nikki Hodgson

  4. LTolson says:

    Thanks for the info! Israel Cartwright was my great, great, great, great grandfather and I’ve been trying to find out more about the family history.

  5. rybin says:

    Your wedding was beautiful as are both of you. You guys brought tears to my eyes this morning. I wish you the best of luck.

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