Jaguar Mark V

A beautiful classic car used at a recent wedding in Yorkshire.

The Jaguar Mark V (pronounced mark five) was a saloon car built by the Jaguar company.  The origin of the name is rather odd since, back in 1948, there had been no Mk I to IV Jaguars: the MK IV designation was only given to the predecessor after the launch of the Mk V.

The car was launched at the 1948 London Motor Show.

The styling of the car was traditional Jaguar with upright chrome grille complete with the leaping Jaguar radiator cap mascot available as an option.  Some thought they detected a hint of the recently modernised Bentley look in the style of the front grill.

The wheels were 16-inch (410 mm) steel disc type, significantly smaller than the 18-inch (460 mm) ones on the MK IV. From the side, a distinctive styling touch was a “tuck in” curve at the base of the rear window following the curved profile of the side glass.  Rear wheel spats, fender skirts were standard.  There was also a drop-head coupé version which is now highly sought after.

Production figures were:

  • 1647 built of the 2.5 litre saloon

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