Wine glass

Recently we were call upon to create some images of the humble wine glass but rather than the usual stock clichéd look that we’re all more than familiar with, we took a different approach and used a highly saturated look and then with a little photo-manipulation, created a small cut out that adds visual interest.

And that’s the point…if you have a camera get into a habit of ‘getting the shot’ meaning take a photograph of the image you first see knowing that it’s likely everyone else has a similar view. Once you have it in the ‘can’, so to speak, explore shape, texture, form and capture something unique. After all, the 1’s and 0’s on your memory card are free.

The other shots are a variation on this theme and frankly, we would rather not bore you with endless shots of wine glasses.

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I will definitely use Box of Frogs for any special occasion.

Thank God for small miracles!

I looked exactly as I’d hoped.

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