The easy route to corporate photography is to do what most other businesses do and that is buy images from a stock agency.  Getty, iStockphoto, alamy et al make their propositions so easy to buy generic business images that to some corporations, the thought of spending a lot of money on bespoke, highly personal images doesn’t seem worthwhile.

I think they are wrong – but then the sceptical may suggest that we would say that.

Great images of your business show your clients and prospects aspects of your business most of your competitors do not show.  What you do find are brochures or websites that tell people what the business sells but does so in such a way that the buying experience has little personality, it’s all too sterile, it’s all too much like everyone else.  So how should you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Box of Frogs works with businesses not to re-brand but rather to restyle your businesses.  This may seem an odd concept but in restyling what we’re actually suggesting is that your business should create a better buying experience of your company through the strategic use of imagery.  Through images that are of you, your business and shows what your business does, brings a human honesty to your marketing campaigns.

Through images and how they are presented to your marketplace, will create longer term relationships, your relationships will become more profitable and you will begin to attract the profile of clients that adds value to you both.

Great customer service, dependable service, honest trading and bespoke images = Profit.

Our charges are either…

£200 per hour


£650 per day

In addition to the above, other costs may require factoring in for example…

talent (model) hire

on-set catering


wardrobe hire

A small gallery of recent Corporate images can be found HERE

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