Bridal Styling

From start to finish

The stylists love the challenge of styling hair and applying make-up to create that incredible look for one-off occasions. It’s why  they have specialised in professional wedding hair and make-up for so many years.

The photographic team meanwhile, prefers a candid approach to wedding photography, believing they are there to record the story and not direct the performance.

By merging their skills, they now offer you the full experience. Create the look you desire and capture your wedding in a series of images that will transport you back to the special day, every time you look at them.

Working together, we make sure that you look as fresh and radiant in the evening as you did in the morning (both in the flesh and in your photos).  With our personal, yet low-key approach to your wedding styling and photography, we’ll make sure that you feel like a princess (and a prince) all day long.

It’s all perfectly normal

You’ll feel a jumble of emotions on your wedding day – excitement, nerves, joy, worry and possibly even fear at being the centre of attention (and that’s usually just the mother of the bride!).

But don’t worry, it’s all perfectly normal. In fact, it’s part of what makes your wedding day so special and memorable. And we’re lucky enough to experience it time and again with every couple we work with.

We like to think of ourselves as a rock of calm in a turbulent sea of emotion – or at least a lifebelt you can cling to in case your mother-in-law-to-be turns up offering last minute help and advice. Not that we’re suggesting anything about mother-in-laws, you understand.  Whatever happens, from the moment we arrive, we’ll do our level best to help you enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

Our motto is: if it’s legal and doable, we’ll give it a go.

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