Wedding photography for today’s world

One of the really exciting parts of their wedding service is still waiting for you when you return from honeymoon.  No doubt bronzed and relaxed, (unless, of course, you’ve been skiing) you’ll be in the perfect mood to enjoy your own private showing of your wedding photos.

Taking advantage of today’s technology, all your wedding photos can be given to you in electronic format, on an Apple iPod Touch.  Some of their packages actually include the Apple iPod Touch as standard and now with the introduction of the Apple iPad, they can supply these also.

In addition they will also provide you with 2 DVDs or 2 CDs or 2 memory sticks showing the photos of your day in sequential order. One is to keep, the other to give to a parent or trusted friend for safe keeping, just in case your copy should be damaged or lost through flood, fire, theft or possibly an accident prone toddler in years to come.

It’s an unusual approach, but it’s one that offers you complete freedom over your wedding photographs.

Your photos for you to print

Like other wedding photographers, Box of Frogs can always supply you with printed photos, bound in an album or framed enlargements, if you prefer.  But they are your wedding photos and Nikki & Paul want you to have the flexibility to do with them as you please.

By putting you in touch with their suppliers, you can order reprints, parents’ albums and enlargements at your convenience.

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