Preparing for the big wedding day

This part of their service is the reason Box of Frogs can be so calm when it comes to your actual wedding day.

At Box of Frogs they leave nothing to chance – and they really do mean nothing.  Nikki & Paul always arrange to meet with you both to discuss how you imagine your wedding day will be.  It gives you the opportunity to talk about what you want from your wedding photography and to voice any concerns or family issues that may have a bearing on the photography. If you need Aunty B to be kept away from Uncle C, don’t worry, they’ll be incredibly discreet about it.

Nikki & Paul just want you both to be able to relax and enjoy your day without worry.

Getting the style right

If you choose to take advantage of their wedding styling, Nikki will give you a full consultation.  Tell Nikki what you like, what you don’t like and the bits you want to hide.

Easy to talk to and incredibly experienced, Nikki can suggest ideas to suit you, your colouring and the practical demands of your wedding.  Together you’ll also trial different options until you discover the style that makes you go ‘Wow, that’s the look I want!’.

At all times, Nikki’s aim is to create a look that enhances, rather than changes, your natural beauty.

A practice run

So that you become familiar with being in front of the camera and get to know how Paul works, they will arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot.  By the time your wedding arrives, you will be so comfortable with them being around that you’ll barely notice they’re there.

All about you

The reason Nikki & Paul can be so calm is because they know everything will be all right on the night – or day.  After all, you have already discovered your dream hair style and make-up in your trial session.  All Nikki has to do, is re-create the look you love.  You can rely on Paul to capture your story as it unfolds.  From the first moments to the last dance, you’ll have a complete record of your day – maelstrom and all.

Nikki can help you into your wedding dress or outfit, making sure it falls and folds in all the right places.

Finishing touches

Together they will make sure your make-up works with the weather and lighting, adding the professional touches that transforms ‘you look lovely’ into ‘Wow! You look amazing!’.  As soon as you leave for your ceremony, we fade into the background while you and your partner take centre stage.

But be assured they are never far away.  Working as a discrete team – Paul will record your wedding day, while Nikki is on hand to add those little touches that make all the difference.

A different look

As the bride, you’ll steal the show as soon as you arrive at your wedding.  But why stop there?

With our help, you can alter your image for the evening, setting your guests up for another jaw-dropping moment.  If you’ve worn your hair up all day, change to a more flowing style or perhaps you prefer the other way round – it’s your day and your choice.

All we know is that with our experts on hand you’ll be pictured looking as amazing in the last photo of the day as you did in the first.

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