Your Day

Imagine your perfect wedding…

…opening your eyes on a bright sunny morning; relaxing over a champagne breakfast, confident that your professional wedding stylist and photographer are already on their way.

As your hair is transformed and your make-up professionally yet subtly applied, your dress expertly fitted and, to finish, your tiara or veil put into place, every emotion that you and your family are experiencing is captured forever by your photographer.

Gliding up the aisle, you’ll know that you look perfect from the adoration reflected in your partner’s eyes. And, throughout the congratulations, the reception and speeches, you will stay as refreshed and radiant as the moment you stepped out of your door.

In the evening, you’ll amaze your guests and leave your new husband reeling once again, as you reappear, perhaps with a new hairstyle and sultry make-up, looking stunning and ready to party.
Returning from honeymoon, the fun continues as you relive your wedding day through the story your photographs tell.
While the details may differ and we can’t control the weather (although believe me, we would if we could) we’ll do everything we possibly can to make your wedding dreams come true.


Your wedding lasts a day.
Your honeymoon lasts a fortnight.
Your photos last a lifetime.

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