Josee Laliberte

Oh, what can I say? Nikki is such a wonderful person and an amazing stylist!

I planned my wedding from overseas and she has been very helpful through the whole process, even if the time frame was quite limited. She came to my house once I moved to England and did a fabulous job to recreate exactly the style that I wanted and even added her own personal touch to make it look a hundred times better than what I had in mind!

On very short notice, she also accepted to do the hairstyling of my sister-in-law-to-be and she did a wonderful job at that too! On the wedding day, she managed to turn me into a princess and everyone commented on how gorgeous my hair looked!

She’s fantastic and I do recommend her to everyone who needs a friendly, professional hairstylist.

Thanks a million for everything, Nikki!

I’m really happy to have had the chance of meeting you.


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